Manufacturer HEYSIL

Heysil Oversize

A very forgiving racquet perfect for players with compact swings looking to generate easy power. Custom Stringing included

Strings are the 'engines' of the racquet and directly influence playability 

One of the below Heysil strings are included:

Monofilament for Spin, Control, and Durability
Heysil Tour (Blue) 1.20 or 1.30
Heysil Tour Spin (Blue) 1.25 
Heysil Tour/Speed Hybrid (Yellow/Red) 1.25 (NEW)

Multifilament for Feel, Touch, and Comfort
Heysil Tour Feel (Natural) 1.30 

Other strings are also available. View them here (additional costs apply, please contact us)

All racquets strung by our MRT on a regularly calibrated Baiardo (one of the best machines on the market)

Our MRT recommends stringing at the lowest tension you can control to maximise performance

Recommended tension range for optimal performance: 47-57 lbs. Hybrid tensions also available 

Higher tension = more control. Lower tension = more power

Please indicate your preferred tension or leave blank if unsure

All Heysil racquets feature a premium white replacement grip

A white Pure Feel overgrip is also included

Customisation of the replacement or overgrip is also available for an additional cost (please contact)

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- Unstrung Weight: 245g +/- 5g
- Includes custom stringing and a free overgrip + vibration dampener
- High Modulous Graphite
- Lightweight, comfortable, and forgiving
- Large Sweetspot
- Perfect for players with compact swings looking for easy power
- Length: 27.5 Inches for extra reach
- Featured in the Wimbledon Museum

Available in Grip Size L2 (4 1/4) only

Head Size 107 Square Inch
Weight 245 +/- 5g
Balance 365 +/- 5mm
Beam Width 28mm
Length 27.5 Inches
String Pattern 16 x 19
Frame Composition High and Standard Modulus Graphite